We don’t all have scales, gills or beards and we can’t breathe unaided under water, but we are pretty good when it comes to music and entertainment!

Below is a little bit about each member of Six Bearded Fish...

Tim - Lead Vocals

Tim Slater

Frontman, singer and showman

Tim joined Six Bearded Fish after he was seen by the guys singing as an old man in a College musical. These days, he has replaced his walking stick for a mic stand, which he uses to full effect to head up the stage. He studied for a Masters in Theatre, but he can do more than just act being a singer and was used by Sony as the face of the PS3 game SingStar. Tim is a first-class singer and entertainer who always gets the crowd going and often gets them to sing lines of the songs, probably to hide the fact that he’s forgotten the lyrics!

Tim says, “I’ve always wanted to sing for a Bar Mitzvah – everyone always says we’re available for it, but we’ve never done one!”

Paul - Guitar

Paul Thomas

Guitarist and six-string acrobatics expert

At an unknown point during the mid-’80s, Paul was caught on camera somewhat ambitiously trying to emulate the sound of Dire Straits on a plastic toy guitar – headband and all. He may have only been four years old, but the seed had been planted and he was soon annoying the neighbours with sounds of his own making. He has been an active live performer in various projects for all of his musical life and has played with ‘The Fish’ since day one. Thankfully though, the headband has been retired for good!

Paul says, “We, as the human race, have merely scratched the surface of what can be achieved with gaffa tape, heat shrink and little ingenuity!”

Aidan - Bass Guitar

Aidan Hampson

Bass player, backing vocalist and lover of the low end

Although Aidan’s main instruments are Bass, Guitar and Piano, he’s also been known to dabble with backing vocals – as the collection of cats outside 6BF gigs show. As the band near their 10th anniversary, Aidan also approaches his first decade on bass and since starting has had the good fortune to play with such bands as Snow Patrol, Sandi Thom, Nizlopi and Corrine Bailey-Rae. Aidan is another original member of Six Bearded Fish and will take the true origins of the name with him to his grave.

Aidan says, “One question we always get asked is why there’s only four of us or why most of us don’t have beards. Why does nobody notice we’re not fish? Maybe it’s time for a new band deodorant…”

Rob - Drums

Rob Hampson

Drummer, backing vocalist and master stick juggler

Hitting the pots and pans since the tender age of seven, Rob now has seventeen years of experience in his stick bag. In 2003, Rob attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford where he was awarded with a Distinction in Modern Music.

Rob says, “I can’t wait for the day when someone invents the inflatable drum kit. Setting up and packing down would be a breeze. Maybe I should go on Dragons’ Den!”


Sound and Lighting

The knob navvies and fader fiddlers

As an invaluable part of ‘The Fish’, they turn up before the band and leave after them. Hiding in black clothing, they try to remain out of sight, but their work is more than obvious when Six Bearded Fish hit the stage. Our engineers have run sound and lights in various bands and events, including festival stages and quality music venues all over the South. Between them, they have clocked up over 20 years of professional experience, which they use keep the band running smoothly behind the scenes and ready for any eventuality.

The band says, “Please test our crew and ask them for any specific type of tape or screwdriver!”


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